Grad Student/Current Adjunct with PhD Mental Health Survey

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a story on 26 January 2020 regarding a new survey exploring the mental health of current PhD students and PhD holders who recently earned their doctorate (within 7 years). The story is linked below.

Why is this survey important to KVCCFT? Basically, we know from prior research that graduate students undergo much stress that affects them negatively during grad school, but this is the first survey to also explore PhD experiences after graduation. As members of KVCCFT know all too well, many such folks end up working as adjuncts burdened with the stress of unrealized career goals that continue to go unrealized for years and even decades.

If you are a current PhD student or a recently graduated PhD holder, please consider participating in the survey!

Here is a link to the story on the Chronicle website.

And here is a link to the survey.

Course Preference Form Changes, for Continuing-Status Adjuncts

President’s Update and Summer 2019 Newsletter

For more, look for the Summer 2019 KVCCFT Newsletter in your email and/or physical inbox!

Dear Colleagues,

It is hard to believe how fast a year can go by, but here we are in Summer 2019. We achieved a lot as a union this past year, but not without a lot of struggle. I’m happy to again remind you that we have a newly ratified adjunct contract that runs to August 2021. Much remains the same in the new contract, but there are changes, too.

There are of course the raises we fought so hard to achieve, including bonuses for those teaching Winter or Summer 2019 and true across-the- board raises for Fall 2019 and beyond. Additionally, if you’ve taught this summer, you’ve seen that our dues collection now happens automatically, year-round, as a 1.75% deduction from every paycheck rather than a hard-to- plan-for series of lump deductions at the end of fall and winter semester. We hope this makes it easier to plan our finances both as individuals and as a union; it undoubtedly does away with hours of unnecessary work for our union officers, especially for our treasurer, and it certainly makes our union’s financial footing more secure going forward, ensuring that we will be able to successfully negotiate further contracts and represent adjunct interests at KVCC.

Likewise, as part of the new contract, we are working with the administration to build a simpler course-preference process for those with continuing status, a process that we expect to be more aligned with the realities of how courses are distributed by department chairs and to require less sifting through pages of course sections by us. We hope to agree on the changed preference form before the next round of course selections in August. We’ll communicate more as we can.

I invite you to look for our new contract on our newly updated website (it will likely still be under construction at when you receive this newsletter), through which we hope to do a better job of providing important information in a readily available format and to update you on a more regular basis about issues that concern us all as adjuncts at KVCC.

If you are not a member, I invite you to join with us. If you are a member but have not been involved recently, I invite you to find some way to contribute to our union over this next school year. Your increased participation over the past two years has been amazing to see, and we would not have gotten to this point if not for all those who have lent a hand or a word to our collective efforts. But we can do more, and we need even more of you giving input and helping with the work as we go into a year of making plans, tidying up our union’s constitution, electing officers, and already looking ahead to our next contract negotiations. Please consider attending our annual Strategic Planning session this August 17 as we kick off the school year.

Our next contract year, 2021, is not far away, and we have to start preparing now. Let’s stand together!

In solidarity,

Jared Randall