Grad Student/Current Adjunct with PhD Mental Health Survey

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a story on 26 January 2020 regarding a new survey exploring the mental health of current PhD students and PhD holders who recently earned their doctorate (within 7 years). The story is linked below.

Why is this survey important to KVCCFT? Basically, we know from prior research that graduate students undergo much stress that affects them negatively during grad school, but this is the first survey to also explore PhD experiences after graduation. As members of KVCCFT know all too well, many such folks end up working as adjuncts burdened with the stress of unrealized career goals that continue to go unrealized for years and even decades.

If you are a current PhD student or a recently graduated PhD holder, please consider participating in the survey!

Here is a link to the story on the Chronicle website.

And here is a link to the survey.